• Emily & Edmond Elephant

    STH223 has lied that:

    1. He doesn’t like Nickelodeon (truth: I love Nickelodeon. You love Nickelodeon. We love Nickelodeon. Everyone loves Nickelodeon.)
    2. PA gets more views than UPP (truth: as fanon programming cannot be watched, real programming outbeats them.)
    3. Bubblegum83 shouldn’t be dead for three causes (simultaneously) (truth: if he’s dead for the aforementioned cause, then it’s probably due to AIDS.)
    4. He doesn’t want TIC to have news (truth: it’s probable that Peppish law required news programming on channels to increase by 60%)
    5. Anima Kids is more of a teen channel than anything (truth: since some kids like Superman, I added Supergirl, etc.)
    6. GIMP is the only free version of Photoshop (truth: if he’s looking for a free version of Photoshop, he …
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  • Wikiatastic

    NOTE: The real DVD here is the 1999 Paramount Edition, not the 2010 TV3 Family Fun Edition.


    • Has Paramount logo (but not Nickelodeon logo, due to the lack of Nickelodeon in Heartlake) on cover
    • Has "This World is Something New to Me"
    • Has English and French audio tracks
    • Has optional English, French, Irish, Heartlakian and Sallyish subtitles
    • Bonus features: CatDog short, sing-along songs, trailer
    • Other stuff: MTV Kids ident
    • Inserts: MTV Kids promo, chapter listing


    • Has Disney Channel Original Movie logo on cover (The Rugrats Movie is NOT billed as a DCOM in Heartlake)
    • Is missing "This World is Something New to Me" (due to being ripped from Channel 2's master tape of the movie, which omits the song)
    • Only has an English audio track
    • Has hardcoded …
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  • Doggie300


    August 10, 2018 by Doggie300

    Hi! I'm going to make my own news reports called Elory Weekly, on this wiki. They'll be all about things that happen to me, or interesting things that I want to share. Sound fun?

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  • Mac+Cool


    July 31, 2018 by Mac+Cool

    This is my first blog post on Creation's Wiki and I'm gonna ask you a few questions:

    • Do you know what Odd Squad and Nature Cat are?
    • Who was Fred Rogers?
    • Did I do that?
    • Who is my profile picture supposed to be?
    • Where do I live?
    • Am I gay?
    • Am I the new crazy king of PPFW?
    • Should I binge watch Arthur again?
    • Should I ground Dora and Kai Lan?
    • Do I have a soap opera fetish?
    • Do you hate reality TV?
    • Do you watch soap operas?
    • How many questions?

    Well, that was dumb.

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  • Wikiatastic


    July 10, 2018 by Wikiatastic

    Drake is dominating the hot 100, and he has now blocked himself from getting another #1.

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  • Wikiatastic


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  • Emily & Edmond Elephant

    This links to our new Discord server, Creation's Wikia. If you haven't already joined it, you can.

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  • Emily & Edmond Elephant

    We'd like to tell you that Creation's Wikia is now popping up with... color! That's right; we've saturated the wiki to mark the Month of Pride, and after that, it must remain colorful until further notice.

    Update #1: We'll change the colors of the wiki at the start of every fall, winter, spring, and summer!

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  • Emily & Edmond Elephant

    As of the latest revision of the policies and guidelines on this wiki, making up death hoaxes about a user outside fan fiction is now a violation of them.

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  • Wikiatastic

    Why is it black?!

    May 18, 2018 by Wikiatastic

    It is black because it is Friday.

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  • EvolvedMoth

    My rights

    December 22, 2015 by EvolvedMoth

    Why were my rights removed? I used to be an admin but I'm not anymore for some reason.

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