Cartoonito Nuclear Islands is a Nuclear Islands television channel aimed at preschoolers. Cartoonito launched in the Nuclear Islands (Heartlake, the island of Sally and Sea Country Island) as a block on Cartoon Network named Tickle U in December 2007.

As Cartoon Network Nuclear Islands had only one feed for the three time zones for each country in the Nuclear Islands, Tickle U started up late at night in the island of Sally and in the early morning hours (0:00 to 6:00) in Sea Country Island.

The block moved to Boomerang in October 2009 after Cartoon Network Nuclear Islands went defunct. The block's programmes were aired under the Boomerang branding from March 2010 until Tickle U was replaced with Cartoonito.

Tickle U in the Nuclear Islands rebranded to Cartoonito in November 2011. Around the same time, Boomerang Nuclear Islands launched feeds for each time zone, so Cartoonito was on in the morning in all time zones.

From December 2012, Cartoonito started broadcasting in French on Boomerang En Français during afternoons instead of mornings, due to Boomerang En Français sharing channel space with PBV Éducation.

Cartoonito began being translated into Sallyish and Vilese in December 2013.


Tickle U's original graphics package (2007-2009) consisted of the block's logo on a deep blue background, with Cartoon Network's logo underneath it. The mascot appeared in all idents, and was a dark blue square named "Sola Square" in Heartlake and Sea Country Island and "Sally Square" in the island of Sally. Promo endboards were the same as the normal Cartoon Network endboards, but with the Tickle U logo in the top-right corner.

Tickle U's second graphics package (2009-2010) consisted of scenes of children from Europe and the Nuclear Islands doing an action, and the Tickle U logo appearing in the bottom-right corner. Boomerang's logo would then animate in the bottom-left corner. Promo endboards were the Tickle U logo on a white background, which spun round to reveal Boomerang's logo.

Cartoonito's original graphics package (2011-2015) consisted of a white screen with the Cartoonito logo in it on a light blue background, with multiple coloured shapes doing actions. For the French version of the block, Boomerang En Français' logo was in the screen instead of Cartoonito's and the shapes' voices were dubbed into French. English-language promo endboards were the programme title in the screen, with the Cartoonito and Boomerang logos animating under it. French-language promo endboards were the normal French-language Boomerang endboards. Sallyish-language idents used the English voices of the shapes with Rita Tannar doing a Sallyish voiceover.

Cartoonito's current graphics package consists of a normal Boomerang ident, but the Cartoonito shapes "invade" the ident and the Boomerang logo turns into Cartoonito's logo. In French, the Cartoonito logo does not appear and the shapes' voices are dubbed into French. Promo endboards are the same as Boomerang's, but the Cartoonito logo is in the top-right corner on the English version of the block. Sallyish-language idents started becoming dubbed.

Voiceover Cast

  • Rita Tannar (Sallyish, 2008-2014)
  • Iva Leewall (Vilese, 2013-present)
  • Zalla Micksen (Sallyish, 2014-present)

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