On Creation's Wikia, we have some policies; anyone found to have violated them will be punished accordingly.

Respect all users

Please respect every user here, because it may hurt their feelings if you don't. Do not talk trash about other users. It is also extremely disrespectful to suddenly leave the chatroom after a user has begged you to.


You can swear all you want on here. It doesn't need to be censored, but you can censor it if you want. However, swearing directly targeted at someone is not allowed. The N-word, other B-word and R-word are not allowed under any circumstances and the punishment for using them will be the same if they are censored (except if they are censored using the {{Censored}} template). The word "c--t" is allowed, as long as it is not used to mean a woman's private part. Profanity is not allowed in article titles, since some users may have age restrictions turned on and will not be able to access the page.

No Sexual Content

Writing about detailed sexual intercourse, fetishes, genitalia (except in a joking way) or other forms of pornography is not allowed. The following exceptions apply: hugging and non-sexual kissing will be permitted, and the word 'erection' may be used when referring to a structure.

No Homophobia

All homophobic content is verboten on Creation's Wikia, as this is a wiki where there are no LGBTIQ+ users. Certain exceptions apply, including that the word 'faggot' can be used when referring to a traditional pork dish in the United Kingdom and 'fag' can be used when referring to cigarettes, and that you may write about people being homophobic in a joking manner.


Main article: Creation's Wikia:Image Policy

Images must not contain extreme violence or sexual content. Non-sexual nudity is still allowed, but you have to blur, pixelate or cover the explicit areas. Barbie nudity is always allowed, meaning there are no visible genitals. Also, please remember that inappropriate is an opinion. Users who mark censored or non-ToU-violating images for deletion will be blocked infinitely.

It is alright to use photos of real-life people on Creation's Wikia for fictional people, but you must state who the actual person is, and the person must be 18 or above. Selfies are not allowed.


You may only speak English, Spanish, French or German. If you are speaking any other language, provide the translation.

No Vandalism

  • Blanking pages and replacing them with content completely unrelated to the page is vandalism.
  • Inserting false information is vandalism. Only Wikiatastic/Lucindacalendar is allowed to edit any page.
  • Replacing pages with machine-translated versions of themselves is vandalism.

Experimental Editing

Please do not experiment on this wiki if you don’t have the intention to use the Creation’s Wikia sandbox.

No Death Hoaxes

Making up a death hoax will not be tolerated (unless it is part of your fan fiction), so if you’re found making up a death hoax related to a user outside the aforementioned place, then you’ll need to show evidence of his/her passing. If it is obvious that you are lying about the user that he/she has passed away, then you’ll be warned twice before a block.

No Spam

Spam on this wiki will not be tolerated; a few exceptions apply, e.g. if you are creating a page about kaleidoscope promos in an educational manner.


  • Please don’t shitpost on this wiki.