Hallelujah! RELOADED is the fifth studio album by Zara Dawson, released on 13th May 2019. It was planned to be a reissue of Hallelujah!, but Dawson decided against it as Hallelujah! was not “fit for a reissue”.

The album was reissued on 27th October 2019 as Hallelujah! RELOADED: The Re-Up.

On the US edition, the album is 16 tracks long due to Rated R, Spilled Coffee and 7 Minutes already being on Hallelujah! in the US and Lost being omitted from it.

Zara Dawson, Lady Gaga, RedOne, XMUSIC, DJ Mala, Danja, Darkchild, James Johnson and OMGlenda produced the album. Wa wa wa


NOTE: "Stupid Baby Wants to Get High" was released as a single, but is not a single from Hallelujah! RELOADED due to being released in the Hallelujah! era.

Singles from Hallelujah! RELOADED
1. "A Day to Party"
Released: 28th September 2018
2. "Still Waiting Baby"
Released: 21st December 2018
3. "Dance All Night (Party)"
Released: 10th May 2019
4. "The Love"
Released: 10th May 2019
5. "Play Me"
Released: 20th June 2019
6. "Repairing Friendships"
Released: 7th October 2019
7. "The All-Seeing Eye"
Released: 8th November 2019
8. "Barbies"
Released: 29th March 2020
9. "Tougher Now"
Released: 15th May 2020
10. "SFX"
Released: 30th September 2020
11. "Love Story"
Released: 1st January 2021
12. "Happiness, Sadness and Anger"
Released: 7th April 2021

12 singles were released from the album. In October 2018, Dawson announced that the album would have 10 singles.

"A Day to Party" was released as the lead single from both Hallelujah! RELOADED and Good Bad Day on 28th September 2018. It was sent to radio on 5th October 2018.

"Still Waiting Baby", the album's second single, was planned to be released on 14th December 2018, but was delayed by one week to 21st December 2018. The solo version was sent to radio stations due to the fact that XMUSIC's verse would be ruined if it was censored.

"Dance All Night (Party)" and "The Love" were released as a double feature on 10th May 2019. "Dance All Night (Party)" was a large success, peaking atop the charts in over 25 countries.

"Play Me" was released as the fifth single on 20th June 2019. Originally, it was planned to be the lead single, but "A Day to Party" replaced it because it was more commercial and had cleaner lyrics.

"Repairing Friendships" was released as the sixth single from the album on 7th October 2019.

"The All-Seeing Eye", a deluxe edition bonus track, was released as the seventh single from the album on 8th November 2019, exactly one month and one day after "Repairing Friendships".

"Barbies" was released as the eighth single on 29th March 2020. The single version features Tammy Poehler instead of Chloe.

"Tougher Now" was released on 15th May 2020 as the ninth single from the album.

"SFX" was released as the tenth single on 30th September 2020.

"Love Story" was released as the eleventh single exclusively in France, Italy and Japan on 1st January 2021.

"Happiness, Sadness and Anger" was released as the twelfth and final single from the album on 7th April 2021, the same day as "Me Without You", the lead single from Dawson's sixth studio album, Hallelujah! Part 3, was released.

Track listing

  1. Dance All Night (Party) (feat. Sara Williams, Jenny Jitsu and Lady Gaga)
  2. Fuck the Bitch (DJ M.K.A. feat. Zara Dawson)
  3. Barbies (feat. Chloe)
  4. Tougher Now (feat. Bobbi Hall)
  5. SFX (feat. Lizzie Sanders)
  6. Happiness, Sadness and Anger (feat. P!nk and Andrea Lewis; censored)
  7. Play Me (feat. Nicki Minaj and James Johnson)
  8. A Day To Party (feat. Shintoku)
  9. The Love (feat. XMUSIC)
  10. Love Story (feat. Britney Spears; censored)
  11. Repairing Friendships (feat. Flavia)
  12. Spilled Coffee (not on US version)
  13. 7 Minutes (not on US version)
  14. Rated R (not on US version)
  15. Brave (feat. OMGlenda)
  16. Turn It Around (feat. meghan)
  17. I Believe (feat. Amicin)
  18. Stupid Baby Wants to Get High (with Ariana Grande)
  19. Still Waiting Baby (feat. XMUSIC; censored)
  20. Lost (feat. Tammy Poehler; hidden track)

Deluxe edition

20. Famous
21. Gangsta Bitch
22. The All-Seeing Eye
23. Lost (feat. Tammy Poehler; hidden track)

Physical deluxe edition

20. Puny (DJ M.K.A. featuring Zara Dawson, ZD and Zahgsoja)
21. Famous
22. The All-Seeing Eye
23. Lost (feat. Tammy Poehler; hidden track)

Fan edition (bonus CD)

  1. Gangsta Bitch
  2. Famous
  3. The All-Seeing Eye
  4. Stuck in a Room
  5. Cookin' Up
  6. Happiness, Sadness and Anger (feat. P!nk and Andrea Lewis; uncensored)
  7. Love Story (feat. Britney Spears; uncensored)
  8. Still Waiting Baby (featuring XMUSIC; uncensored)
  9. 2000 (with XMUSIC)
  10. Puny (DJ M.K.A. featuring Zara Dawson, ZD and Zahgsoja)

Asian edition

20. Stuck in a Room
21. Cookin' Up
22. The All-Seeing Eye