Pink (on TV): I'm coming up so you better get this party started!

Ericka: Can I go out tonight?

Chloe: No.

ZD: No.

Flabo: No.

Spy: No.

Ericka: Fine.



Spy: Want me to show you why we use it?

Chloe: Okay.

Spy: [turns on the TV] Flabo! What channel is Supernanny on?

Flabo: KBG 2.

[Shows a kid on supernanny having a fit]

Chloe: Oh, I understand now, but what about our demonic cat? What if we get kittens we never even fucking wanted?

Spy: Kittens are so cute! [faints]

ZD: I love kittens! [faints]

Flabo: Ohmigosh, did someone mention kittens? [faints]

Ericka: Did somebody just say KITTENS?! [faints]

Chloe: [facepalm] I shouldn't have mentioned kittens.

Hope: Fuck kittens.

Chloe: Who the fuck are you? Is your name Hope or some shit? Because it says HOPE on your jacket. [removes the P, making it "hoe"]

Hope: Possibly.

Nicki Minaj: [randomly appears] I get it crackin like a bad back
Bitch talkin she the queen when she lookin like a lab rat

[Somewhere else]

Carrie: I'm going to eat the trees so I can get an iPhone.

Livi: I chew food

Carrie: [cries] bitch

Dora the Explorer (on TV): Hola! Soy Dora!

Carrie: [eats a tree] Britney, au secour!

Livi: bitch I told you not to speak fucking French you bad pig I will whoop your ass right now [whoops Carrie with a belt]

Carrie: [cries] wanker


Chloe: [undresses]

ZD: Oh damn, she looks sexy.

Chloe: Thanks, Zedd.

ZD: You're welcome, Chloe. [undresses]

Spy: Hi. Ooh, you look effing hot!

Chloe: Thank you!

Spy: You're welcome. [undresses]

Flabo: Let's watch Carrie while doing that shit. [undresses]

Carrie: I love Carrie so fucking much! [undresses]

Livi: I used to be scared of Carrie, [takes off her top] but after I watched Carrie, I was no longer scared of Carrie! [takes off her skirt and then her underwear]

[shows hell]

Livi (off-screen): Please insert a [PlayStation 2 startup sound]

Carrie (off-screen): Whoa!

[shows the hallway]

Ericka: Can I join in?

Spy: NO!

[Bing and Dongwa go into the cathouse]

Ericka: I am totes gonna dress up in outfits that make me look bat shit insane and walk up and down the stairs! [puts on an outfit that makes her look like meghan] I'M COMING UP SO YOU BETTER GET THIS PARTY STARTED!