The OH!s are taken from Stupid Stupid (Edited) by Nicki Minaj.

Whatcha gonna do when we come for you?

Polish Whip
I will get the money, taking out the
Turned them over for a bunch of
Screaming "love 12, love 12, love 12, love 12"
"Love 12, love 12, love 12, love 12"
I'm talking night clubs, I can't lose
There's way too many to choose
So we love 12, love 12, love 12, love 12
But which one is the prettiest? It's pretty hard to tell

Talking bankrolls on poker, cards on the joker
Killing the, hanging with
It's D-Y-A-H, mothermother
And I don't have time to tell you mothermothers
Lyrics fast, beat low, big house, thin girl
Radio, number one, best music wherever I go
I keep doing the same things, OH!, I can do this all day, OH!
Dunno what else I can say, OH!, the snow keeps coming in May, OH!
S.T.P., Screw The Police, California Love, what I need
I see you cooking eggs, oh, and I think you need some seeds
And I also think you need some, but I ain't never done that before
I almost did it with my previous girl, but she just made me damn bored

Polish Whip Repeat chorus

Biggie had too many problems, I guess he had too much money
I try to make some serious ish, and you haters think it's funny
Doing illegal activities, online trying out my luck
And even if 12 invade the building, none of us will still give a crap
Ain't slept in three days, I should already be deceased
If I was to die, I'd be like Tupac, they'd be playing me in the streets
I'm this generation's Eminem, I will soon be iconic
And they said that I would never make it, now it's pretty ironic
My top's near, I'm Top Tier, Kilobite, can you see me, no?
Eff 12, FBI, Grand Grand Grand, Saints Row
I'm still alive so, that mean's I'm not a saint, OH!
Okay, I ain't gotta rhyme no more

Polish Whip Repeat chorus

It's DJ M.K.A.'s time to shine
You better raise your hands in the air
It's DJ M.K.A. in the building
I'm going to die a legend
I'm going to be the next next
I'm going to be the next Winston Churchill
I'm the most known favelian in the world
They all know my name
Let the beat play