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Peppa Pig: [insults Emily Elephant]

Emily Elephant: Madame Gazelle! Peppa förolämpar mig! (Madame Gazelle! Peppa is insulting me!)

Madame Gazelle: We're going home now!

Emily: Åh. (Oh.)

[cuts to Peppa at home in her basement]

Edmond Elephant: [dies of starvation]

Misha Chugney: [crashes into the house] STEAM IN THE AIR, I DON'T CARE, I LOVE THE SMELL OF IT


Peppa: Blersh! [changes into a naughty girl dress]

Hannah Kesterton: [eats spoiled cereal and dies]

Everyone in the basement: [dies of starvation]

Peppa: [leaves]

Mummy Pig: [enters the basement] Who are these people? Peppa! Come down!

Peppa: What is it?

Mummy Pig: [goes upstairs] nothing...? [throws a Pigtengo Pamicom against the wall] Oh! (x7) How dare you poison Madame Gazelle! You are so grounded! No Pamicom, TV, uPad, Saga CD, club gatherings and Star Sheep for 1 month!

Peppa: [throws a Saga CD at Mummy Pig] I don't care!!

Emily: Bitch! [breaks Peppa's legs]

[cuts to Peppa getting out of a car]

Mummy Pig: [lifts Peppa and puts her in a wheelchair, then brings the wheelchair to the doorway] Get out of the wheelchair, and walk using the crutches provided with the wheelchair.

Peppa Pig: [gets out of the wheelchair and walks using crutches] I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me, Peppa-Pepparazzi!

Suzy Sheep: Mickey-Mackey-Boo-Bah-Boo