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Madame Gazelle: We are going to make a salad! Emily and Danny, can you give the salad pamphlets out?

Emily Elephant: Självklart! (Of course!)

Danny Dog: We will, Madame Gazelle.

Madame Gazelle: We will be arranged into groups of two.

[fast-forwards to everyone holding their pamphlets]

Peppa: [whispering] I'm going to put poison in the drink so Emily will DIE! I have a small bottle of poison. [yelling] Madame Gazelle, where do we find what we need?

Madame Gazelle: Don't screech! Your ingredients are in that drawer.

Peppa: Thanks.

[time speeds up]

Peppa: Emily, w-what did you say?

Emily: Har du inte förstår Svenska? (Don't you understand Swedish?)

Peppa: Självklart...? (Of course...?)

Emily: Det verkade inte som du gjorde. (It didn't seem like you did.)

Madame Gazelle: I don't see a salad!

Peppa: We'll make it now.

[time speeds up as Peppa and Emily make a salad]

Emily: Madame Gazelle, Jag måste använda badrummet! (Madame Gazelle, I need to use the bathroom!)

Madame Gazelle: Go now!

Peppa: [whispering] Now I can add the poison! [pours poison in]

Madame Gazelle: Now, I'll taste your salads. Emily, I'll taste yours first. [eats Emily's salad and coughs]

Suzy Sheep: Do you have a cold?

Madame Gazelle: [dies]

Everyone: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!