Lady Gaga: Samara Pig! Get over here! (x32)

Samara Pig: What the fudge is wrong with you?

Lady Gaga: How dare you punch Jase! That's it! You better promise that you'll be kind!

Samara Pig: I'm not going to sing "Paparazzi".

Lady GaGa: Don't give me that attitude, Madame! Promise you'll be kind!

Samara Pig: I promise I'll be kind.

Lady Gaga: If you break this promise, I'M GOING TO PLAY BAD ROMANCE AT FULL VOLUME IN YOUR EARS!

Walmart Pog: I won't.

Samara Pig: I don't give a fudge about your "punishment".

Walmart: What punishment?

Samara Pig: GO AWAY!

Lady GaGa: Punishment time for you, Miss Samara! [plays Bad Romance at full volume in Walmart's ears]

Walmart: AAH! NO! NO!

Lady Gaga: Wait, you're not Samara. [screams, then changes into a metallic bustier and hat]

Walmart: [gives Peppa a flirty introduction]

Peppa: Baggyoiney!

Walmart: [gets stuffed in a bag by Lady Gaga] AAH!

Peppa: I destroyed a hoverboard.

George Pig: Lady Gaga! Pouvez-vous me faire un sandwich avec de la laitue, des tomates et du fromage, s'il vous plaît?

Lady Gaga: Sorry, I cannot make sandwiches, I'm kinda busy!

Veena Rabbit: Часы Маша и Медведь! Это для малышей! [farts]

Lady Gaga: George needs a nap, check out my website.

[cuts to Samara running]

Suzy Sheep: Oh non, c'est Emily Elephant!

Emily Elephant: Kom am! [riles Suzy up then fights]

Suzy Sheep: Je suis tellement vais te tuer!

Peppa: Vad gör du?

Tommy Pickles: You want a bro?

Peppa: Yeah. [booty humps Tommy]

Chuckie Finster: I haven't seen you in months!

Peppa: I know.

Phil DeVille: Peppa!

Lil DeVille: Want to make a mud pie?

Peppa: Yeah!

[cuts to Peppa, Tommy, Chuckie, Lil and Phil in Peppa's room]

Angelica Pickles: [makes monkey noises, then drinks some bubblegum soda which has been poisoned and dies]


Mummy Pig: I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Daddy Pig: I've got the tape!

[cuts to Peppa, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Lady GaGa and the Rugrats in the living room]

Daddy Pig: I will put the tape in. [puts the tape inside the player]

[zooms in on the TV]

Male Voice: [reads the FBI warning out]

Female Voice: This tape may contain flashing images. If you are prone to seizures, consult your doctor before playing this tape.

Male Voice: Copyright 2000 Peppatown Records

Lady Gaga: I made popcorn!

[zooms out]

Daddy Pig: It's not a movie. It's a compilation VHS tape with music videos by The Rocking Gazelles.

Narrator: 2 hours later...

Samara Pig: [enters] Bitch.

Lady Gaga: You just broke your promise! [plays Bad Romance at full volume in Walmart's ears]