Snacktime is a Sallyish-Hartlanian-German children’s television series that first premiered on 12 September 1998 and was cancelled on 14 June 2008. However, it was revived on 10 September 2016. It is about two puppet characters, Miss Lilyflower and Pumpky, who invite characters from other segments to snack time. In the Island of Sally, it airs on TV3, with a Sallyish-dubbed version airing on Nickelodeon, in Heartlake, it airs on TV3 and Disney Channel and in Germany it airs on Disney Channel and Disney Junior. The series has been positively received for teaching children to eat healthy foods while still being humorous.


Miss Lilyflower and Pumpky, two helpers run a daycare center in the fictional town of Connaissance. When their shift is over, they invite their friends to "snacktime". The featured snack is always a healthy food, with the exception of some specials which are not intended to be educational.


Current segments

These are the current segments (as of 2018), in order.

  • Snacktime with Miss Lilyflower & Pumpky - The longest-running Snacktime segment.
  • The Extravagant Garden
  • Barney's Club - Miss Lilyflower and Pumpky visit Barney at his house and do all sorts of things like sing songs, play games and paint.
  • Healthy Snack of the Day - A 2-minute segment about the specific healthy snack. 
  • Playtime - One of the characters plays with some toys.
  • The Veggies - The kids' band The Veggies performs a song about the healthy snack featured in the episode.
  • Random skit(s) - It transitions the previous and final segments with characters from those segments appearing.
  • Let’s Have Our Snacks! - The characters eat their snacks.

Previous segments

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  • Miss Lilyflower (performed by Charlotte Anderson) - One of the two main helpers at the local daycare centre along with Pumpky.
  • Pumpky (performed by Emma Cafon) - The second helper at the daycare centre and guitarist of The Veggies.
  • Max (performed by Stephen Crumbletom) - Max is the closest thing to a villain.
  • Barney (performed by Hannah Maples; voiced by Marley Simpson) - Barney is the current teacher at the local playgroup since Series 12 and is a very friendly dinosaur. He was originally a guest character who made frequent visits from 2000 to 2006.
  • Mister Wise Guy (played by Ivan Tilly) - A very smart and humble person. Also the agent of The Veggies.
  • Sienna Star (performed by Emilia Collins) - The lead female singer of The Veggies.
  • Freddie Fruit (performed by Mark Milford) - The lead male singer of The Veggies.
  • John Juice (performed by Elias Owells) - The drummer of The Veggies.
  • Phineas the Tailor (performed by Alex Holloway) - He works as the local tailor. However, he's a pretty grumpy character, due to his sleep deprivation.
  • Mark the Shopkeeper (performed by Theodor Schäfer) - He, alongside his wife Barbara, run the local food market. His voice actor is the same in both English and German.
  • Barbara the Shopkeeper (performed by Valerie Wiegand) - She, alongside her husband Mark, run the local food market. Her voice actress is the same in both English and German.
  • Herbert The Hoover (performed by Alex Holloway)

History and production

While at a friend’s house in America, Charlotte Anderson watched Disney’s Lunch Box with her 5 year-old son. She wanted to do something similar, except the segments would be connected and transition to the next one. In 1995, she pitched the idea for Snacktime to a TV3 Hartlania executive and the series was later picked up. The German production company Oyster Productions was involved in the production of the series. The show started filming in the summer of 1997 and ended in January 1998.

On 6 September 2007, the studio where the show was filmed burned down. However, on 23 December 2015, it was announced that Snacktime would return in September 2016 with most of the original writers returning. Series 11 received extremely positive reactions from critics and audiences alike. Despite the praise, viewers complained about Lay-It-Bay, one of the segments and called it creepy and due to the complaints, the segment was replaced by Barney’s Club in Series 12. Series 13 premiered on 8 September 2018. A 20th anniversary special aired on the 12 September 2018, exactly 20 years after the first episode aired.

About 38 episodes are produced each series, which air from September to June. Some segments are unaired material from previous series.


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Snacktime's credits appear during the theme song and after the episode ends.


  • Snacktime prome 1998

    Teaser for Snacktime, circa. early-1998.

    It was originally titled TV3's Snacktime! before it was changed to Snacktime when it premiered.
  • It was cancelled in 2008 because almost everything (sets, puppets, costumes etc.) was destroyed in a devastating fire. The Miss Lilyflower and Pumpky puppets were the only things that survived.
  • Due to popular demand, it was brought back in 2016 with brand new segments and actors. However, the puppeteers of Miss Lilyflower and Pumpky reprised their roles.
  • In mid-2009, a man wearing a Barney head hijacked a rerun of the second episode on Disney Channel in Heartlake. The hijacker was never found.
  • On one airing of Monica, Monica! on Disney Channel in Heartlake, it suddenly cut to Snacktime for unknown reasons.
  • Snacktime has won numerous awards over its run such as Outstanding Children’s Television Program.
  • Max is a character from the Tweenies.
  • Other than specials and some foreign dubs, Snacktime does not have any episode titles.
  • The Veggies' songs are only dubbed in the Greek, Hebrew, Arabic and Bulgarian dubs. However, they do not rhyme.
  • In the European Italian dub, Enzo voices Mr. Wise Guy, and he voices Freddie Fruit (speaking only, as The Veggies' songs are not dubbed into Italian) in the Kitropiki Italian dub.
  • There was a test pilot for a US localisation of Snacktime in 2000. The title was Snacks!, like the German dub (albeit without the subtitle). While most of the script was original, some lines were taken from the German dub and poorly translated into English.
  • In 2007, Coulezvou made a guest appearence in order to promote his show, Coulezvou, The Sheriff. Nine years earlier, Miss Lilyflower and Pumpky guest starred on Coulezvou's Ranch, which was also created by Charlotte Anderson.

International broadcast

United Kingdom

  • BBC Two (1999-2010)
  • CBeebies (2002-2012)
  • Tiny Pop (2017-present)

United States

  • PBS (1999-2013)
  • INTOIt (2011-present)


  • NHK (2005-present)


  • La 1 (2003-2009)
  • La 2 (2003-2009)
  • Clan (2005-2009)
  • Disney Channel (2009-present)


  • France 5

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