Spy Tyler Fandel (b. 14th January 1987) is a Kuboian actor and television presenter. He is best known for starring in several television advertisements from 2002 to 2006, and for co-hosting Kickstart for the majority of the show’s run.


Fandel has been appearing on television advertisements since the age of 15, although he has kept it confidential how he got in the industry.

In June 2004, Fandel met Ericka Streets, who helped him develop an interest in becoming a television presenter. Fandel began co-hosting Kickstart from 2005, and has admitted that he was “shoehorned in at the last second”.

Fandel spent the majority of 2011-2016 appearing in more television advertisements, hosting talk shows and making appearances on reality television series.

He worked in a spa during 2011-2012, but was fired in 2013 due to him romantically kissing Chloe on the job.

He is confirmed to be a host in the revived version of Kickstart.

In other media

In 2004, Fandel made a guest feature on Streets’ cover of S Club 7’s song Don't Stop Movin with Kevin Prince. The song reached number 4 in the Kuboian music charts. When asked about the cover in 2014, he said he would never do it again.

Personal life

Fandel began dating Cassie Polister in July 2010. On 16th October 2012, their son, Eric, was born. He started also dating Chloe in 2012, after sexually rubbing her legs at a spa. He broke up with Cassie in 2013. In 2018, he announced that he would date Ericka Streets (who previously had a crush on him) alongside Chloe.



As featured artist

Title Year Peak chart positions Album
"Don't Stop Movin'"
(Ericka Streets featuring Spy Fandel)
2004 19 35 1 23 Non-album single
(meghan featuring Spy Fandel)
2008 1 13 142 2 1 50 Burns
"Bad Day" (Chloe featuring Flabo, ZD and Spy Fandel) 2015 12 189 2 59 - 19 Non-album single