TV24 is a Sallyish public television channel aimed at children ages 3-12 and is owned by Sæœqimmín Lekelt Schoolu. As per Sallyish law, it is a publicly-owned commercial-free children's channel, because all preschool programming is required to have no internal commercials. Programming aged at 10-12 is subtitled, while programming for all ages below that is voice-over translated.

Kaleidoscope promos were used from 2005 until 2008, for the channel's tenth anniversary in 2015 - the promos originally had no voiceover in 2005, but the voiceover was added on January 1, 2006. They were removed because parents found them "trippy". Window promos serve as their replacement. Kaleidoscope promos returned to TV24 in 2015 for the channel's tenth anniversary.