George: *choosing a CD* I want...*picks up Femme Fatale*...Femme Fatale by Britney. *buys it for 62 pounds*

[George puts it in Cherie's PS2]

Britney Spears: This kitten got your tongue tied in knots, I see

Brianna Bear: Freddy Fox, you are great.

[At the Playgroup]

Madame Gazelle: We are...

Brianna Bear: WHAT?

Madame Gazelle: ...doing ventriloquy.

Suzy Sheep: I can't do this shit!

Rebecca Rabbit: *chops off Suzy Sheep's ears*

Narrator: Oh no! Rebecca Rabbit has chopped off Suzy Sheep's ears, making Suzy deaf!

Candy Cat: Madame Gazelle, what's philosophy?

Madame Gazelle: Go to the principal's office! You just lost 20 points!

[in the principal's office]

Principal: Candy Cat, you are going back to the nursery!

[cuts to Suzy in a hospital hallway]

Suzy Sheep: *walks into her hospital room*

Lil: Suzy, what is wrong?

Mummy Sheep: Suzy can't speak, she lost her ears.

Suzy Sheep: *dies*

Emma Elf: PT2 elf. Files